Video: These Men Make Complicated Salads!

A few months back we featured an interview with one of Europe's rising-star chefs, Kobe Desramaults, who paid tribute to the power of Michel and Sébastien Bras's creativity and craft thusly: "When I saw the Bras' famous 'gargouillou,' apparently a simple mixed salad with young vegetables, seeds, herbs and flowers artistically thrown on the plate, I thought, well, it's not that complicated. Then you taste. And you understand why it has become so famous."

The father and son's gargouillou has also inspired a film, Step Up To The Plate, which will get its New York release next month: it's slated to open September 14. Of course, the documentary by director Paul Lacoste is about more than just salad. Michel (père) is getting ready to hand over the reins to their three Michelin star restaurant in Southern France to Sébastien (fils), and the film follows the transition. It looks to be an intimate portrait of a family that happens to be headed by one of the most influential culinary minds of his time. Here's the trailer:

Step Up To The Plate (Trailer) from Cinema Guild on Vimeo.