Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

We honored Julia Child's 100th birthday by visiting some of the chefs who inspire us at the LA Food and Wine Festival. And, you know, making our own custom Chicago-style sausage with ground bacon inside. She would have liked that.

Also hot this week at Food Republic: things that aren't physically hot. Our watermelon and manchego salad took off like it had wings and our other no-cook recipes kept us cool. If we were still overheated after that, Keystone Light's new ad campaign is addictively hilarious and not watery at all, and Dan Dunn's summer cocktail list is highly refreshing. Here are our 12 most popular stories this week.

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8. Adsnacking: Keystone Light Is Always Smooth. Thanks, Keith Stone!

9. The Best Dog Days Of Summer Cocktails

10. Tips On Buying And Handling Raw Seafood

11. Coming Soon: The Mason Jar Cocktail Shaker

12. Plate Deconstruction: WD-50's Scrambled Egg Ravioli