AdSnacking: Keystone Light Is Always Smooth. Thanks, Keith Stone!

As much as I hate to be the bearer of bad news, the end of summer is fast approaching. Before you know it, you've shoved your bathing suit to the back of the drawer and you're bundled up like an Antarctic explorer watching Dawson's Creek re-runs waiting for the sad sack delivery guy to bring your mapo tofu. So savor the weather by embracing the sun and firing up the grill one last time. And what's a better companion for grilling than a 30-pack of beer that tastes basically like water?

In today's Adsnacking, we take a look at one of the "Keith Stone" spots for Keystone Light, which riffs off the "Mentos premise" (as I have now dubbed it). While manning the BBQ at what looks to be a pretty tame lake party, Keith is presented with a BIG problem — a vaguely European model babe doesn't eat red meat. How will our hero handle this intense BBQ-related conundrum? No sweat, Keith already drank like, 15 Keystone Lights. As the commercial clearly proves, drinking Keystone Light solves everything. Check it out:

Product: B -

Keystone Lights Are The Mentos Of The Beer World

You can almost hear the Mentos theme song in your head, right? Throw any tough situation at Keith Stone, but sub in beers for the mints. Just pop a Keystone and any problem can be solved.

In terms of the beer as a product, Keystone Light is not tasty. And since they sell it in a 30-pack (also known as a 30-rack or a "Dirty 30"), the quantity over quality ploy shows the folks at Keystone are just as aware that it's not good beer. This beer isn't for sipping. It's for chugging so quickly you can't even register the flavor.

Messaging: A

Demo Targeting: 21 to 54-year-old cheapskate drinkers with an affinity for jean vests

The more Keith drinks, the smoother he appears to women. I imagine that Keith Stone is the type of guy who proposes to his girlfriend at Chili's and drives a raised truck with Hooters mud flaps. Keith Stone drinks Keystone Light for a living, and the ladies love him for it. So if you paid attention, you should be drinking a lot of Keystone too. And hey, it comes in an easy-to-carry cardboard case. How convenient for getting drunk and laid. Thanks Keith!

Creativity: B

The Falcon Saves The Day (and the ad)

"Brian," Keith's pet falcon, drops a huge salmon onto the grill to feed our svelte beef-averse damsel in distress, saving the day. Keith Stone, proud owner of a jean vest and trucker hat, is also highly trained in falconry. Goddamn, he IS smooth!

Well, I'm sold on Keystone Light after this ad. So if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go pick up a 30-rack and a pet falcon and then cruise Central Park. Because even though the Keystone always flows like water, summertime is running out.

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