The 10 Greatest Lunch Hacks Of All Time

I love hacks. Life hacks, IKEA furniture hacks, computer hacks (not so much due to the nature of my job), and of course lunch hacks. That is when you solve a food-related problem using another food or simple, logical, kitchen technique.

Whether it's that bland tofu you're looking to boost, or the need for ravioli without all that pesky gluten, we've got you covered.

Problem: My tofu won't absorb flavor.

Hack: Behold, The Greatest Tofu Hack Of All Time

Problem: My ravioli has too much gluten and now I have the farts.

Hack: The Many Uses Of Rice Wrappers

Problem: I ran out of cream cheese.

Hack: My Crazy Bagel Secret

Problem: My burrito bowl is way too effing big.

Hack: The Oldest Chipotle Trick In The Book

Problem: I don't really like sushi.

Hack: Made-Up Sushi Is Allowed

Problem: These deviled eggs have no devil in them whatsoever.

Hack: 5 Spicy Deviled Egg Ideas

Problem: Hot dogs are super boring.

Hack: Too Much Fun With Hot Dogs

Problem: Tuna salad is super boring.

Hack: Salmon Salad > Tuna Salad

Problem: Mayo is super boring.

Hack: Wasabi Mayo Is So 2002

Problem: The Chinese take-out place cut me off.

Hack: How To Make Chinese Orange Anything

As far as finagling a cold-smoker out of a sheet of tinfoil, paper clip and piece of gum, you're on your own.