Have You Gotten Your Stovetop Pot-Filler Faucet Yet?

One of the best kitchen innovations we came across on a tour of swanky Hamptons kitchens this weekend couldn't have been more elemental than fire and water, and yet it looked downright brilliant: a pot-filling faucet located over the stove.

Taking a cue from professional kitchens, at-home pasta junkies can save themselves the schlep between sink and stove with a heavy pot of water — at least half of the time; the pasta still has to be drained. These wall and deck-mounted faucets are becoming more prevalent in home kitchens (especially in luxe outposts like the Hamptons). Useful for any kind of stovetop cooking requiring the addition of water, pot filler faucets are easy finds at most retailers selling kitchen fixtures, and specialty faucet purveyors like FaucetDirect.

Utility aside, the consideration that goes into their installation reflects a certain type of cook — someone who clearly thinks about the details, and implements that into his or her kitchen design in its early stages. Of course to some, it may seem like a frivolous add-on, but after experiencing a pot filler's perks firsthand, there's no way we'd omit adding one onto the kitchen of our dreams.

A deck-mounted pot filler faucet by Brizo. [/caption]
Like many wall-mounted versions, this one by Delta (and below) swivels to fold flat against the wall.[/caption]
A wall-mounted style by Brizo.[/caption]
Form and function: deck-mounted style by Blanca.[/caption]