Design We Are Feeling: Rosle Pizza Wheel

One hardly needs to be an expert pizzaiolo to appreciate the understated appeal of Rösle's latest dough-cutting pizza wheel. In fact, a tool this good-looking would surely compensate for any shortcomings in that arena, whether you're making fresh pies from scratch or doctoring up some ready-made dough.

Sleek and streamlined, this stainless steel German import isn't all good looks. Unlike the rocking, half-moon-shaped pizza slicers, the Rosle's wheel allows for a more even distribution of pressure as it rolls over surfaces. Use it for cutting pastry dough, flat breads and pitas — anything flat that needs a good slice into it. Believe us: you won't want to pass up a chance to show this off.

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Available for $38 at Rösle's web store.