How Would You Destroy A Klondike Bar?

So here's what I'm doing with my time: pummeling virtual Klondike Choco-Tacos with kittens to sci-fi drama music. Where do I click, you ask? I thought so. Finish everything you have to do today before entering the Flavor Chamber, I take no responsibility for lack of productivity. Especially my own.

Take your pick of creative weapons like the wood chipper, M-80 firecracker, weed whacker, industrial fan, aforementioned kitten or power washer, pictured to your right, and discover just how delicate an ice cream confection can really be. They crumble, explode, implode and...kind of get a little crushed and fall over (kittens are cute).

What's the point of all this sophisticated time-consuming Flash? To find out what's inside, according to the website. But for safety reasons, the good people at Klondike urge you to only destroy their fine products with your mouth.

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