Squash Is In Season! 8 Recipes For The Summer Gourd Glut.

Good heavens this CSA box is full of summer squash! Also, the vines outside — chock full of yellow and green. And the farmer's market is full of squash and zucchini. We're about ready to declare an official squash glut (tastier than it sounds), which means we have a moral and vegetable obligation to provide our 8 greatest squash recipes. It was very difficult to decide, but these are definitely standouts. The best part? These recipes work with just about any color of seasonal summer squash you can get your hands on. Yellow? Green? Light green? Practically orange? It's allll good.

Whether you're stuffing squash blossoms or stuffing squash into something else, maybe even another squash, just know: while it's in season, this vegetable means so much more than "to crush between your hands."

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