P.P.X. At Table 43! Deciphering The Service Code Of New York City Restaurants.

Restaurant kitchens, and by extension their dining rooms, are at their best when run like a well-oiled military operation. There are generals, captains and lowly privates working as a team under strict orders — often given in a cryptic "code" that diners are sometimes privy too. Ever overheard a GM utter the term "smoke 'em" or noticed "B.G.E." noted somewhere on your bill? This is the language used at some of the best restaurants in New York City, as documented by this wonderful chart written by Ben Schott for the New York Times. Seersucker, a favorite of ours in Brooklyn, jots "L.T.T." for customers who like to Tweet. Ha. We've been guilty of that. Below is but a small section. Read the entire thing here.