5 Crucial Kitchen Techniques, And How To Use Them

Some dishes call for techniques even regular home cooks should master. Below are some particularly classy ones. Using of the microwave is not one of them. Once you learn how to pop open an oyster, you'll be insulting their natural perfection left and right with weird toppings (and possibly striking gold), and the oyster demo below will get you there. Ditto fries, there's a lot of poutine potential out there.

How to Shuck Oysters

Then: Oysters With Calvados

How to Make French Fries

Then: Steak-Frites

How to Hard-Boil Quail Eggs

Then: Spicy Rock Shrimp and Grits

How to Make Roast Beef

Then: Roast Beef with Coffee Porcini Sauce

How to Make A Roux

Then: Macaroni and Cheese With Soubise