America's Original 'Breastaurant' Gets A Facelift. Well, Augmentation.

A couple weeks back we defended the "breastaurant" — the pub-style eateries that specialize in wings, burgers, beer and the push-up bra. Hooters, Twin Peaks and Mugs 'N Jugs are just a few of the chains that operated in that world. Our writer Chantal Martineau (a lady), wrote:

In Chile, you find cafés con piernas (literal translation: "coffee with legs"). These are cafés that offer decent coffee served by long-legged, scantily-clad women. There are chains like this, but also independent ones. You can bet your bottom that the girls here make more money than in a regular café. It's the same deal in breastaurants: if a girl has the rack to get hired here, she can clean up in tips. And it's precisely the feminist in me who believes she has every right to.

Yesterday, trade publication Nation Restaurant News reported that Hooters — the most well-endowed breastaurant with 430 locations worldwide — plans a refresh, both structurally and publicly. A recently launched ad campaign touts a menu expanding outside of hot wings, with over 30 salads in development.

But the big change will be in the service — from improving hiring practices to transitioning to a more team-oriented model (so, servers will rotate between tables, as opposed to each table having their own dedicated "Hooter's Girl"). "Once we started training this way, our guest satisfaction metrics started to jump," said chief executive Terry Marks to NRN, unironically.

So a quick recap. Hooter's is the number one stunner in the highly competitive breastaurant space. With "Hooters 2.0" service will improve (a higher girl/table ratio). Wings will remain, but you can eat healthier with salads.

Also, this nugget was buried in the story:

"Later in this year's football season, commercials will star football commentator John Gruden, a Super Bowl winning head coach and former Hooters employee."

And when there wasn't a reason to like John Gruden more.