7 Great Instagram Photos We Spotted This Week

This week, Instagram boasted an abundance of awesome summer food in awesome summer colors — red, pink and orange. We couldn't help ourselves, look how happy everything looks! And it just so happens that a lot of our favorite things come in these colors — lobster for instance. And raw meat. And cherries before they go into your homemade beer. Oh summer, we hope you never end.

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Check out favorites from Instagrammers we're following, too. Apparently we're not the only ones taking crazy awesome shots. Enjoy our 8 favorite Instagram photos of the past week. Don't forget to follow us!

#korean #bbq #seattle #food #foodie #foodporn #foodpics #sharefood @thaoism

Pitted the last of my @urbanorganicsok cherries to use in my cherry wheat beer #urbanorganicsok #homebrewing @omarchris

Friday prosciutto

Today we learned how to make beet pickled eggs. Recipe to come.

We got our hands on some great tail at the James Beard House

Roux Royale, The most brilliant thing ever. @gabiporter

Beautiful LYCHEE Panna Cotta @StarryKitchen #Dessert @mylastbite