OMG! Leftover Bulgogi Makes The Greatest Cheesesteak!

I made the most amazing sandwich yesterday. I vastly overestimated the amount of bulgogi my friends could eat at Monday's dinner shindig (for shame, all of you, what the hell?) and had a ton of leftovers. Leftover bulgogi is the greatest, though. You can chop it up and make bulgogi fried rice, it's great in an omelet or just fried up with a couple of eggs. But it makes a truly awesome cheesesteak.

Korean food and cheese? Really? Yes, really. With a secret ingredient to bring it all together. I piled the bulgogi on a giant roll and added two slices of good old-fashioned American (deli slices, not the plastic-wrapped stuff), topped it with a runny fried egg and squirted kimchi mayo over the whole thing. That's the secret ingredient, the kimchi mayo. Drain a couple of tablespoons of kimchi extremely well and either chop finely and mix with or pulse in a blender with a cup of Japanese mayonnaise.

The secret ingredient tangily powered through the rich elements of beef, cheese, egg and mayo. I stood back for a moment to admire my fat, jolly creation and thought myself to be quite the cultural sandwich-crafter indeed.

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