Liquid Lunch: How To Hide Spinach In A Smoothie

It's very important that I prepare for the weekend ahead. My best friends from college are in town and that means I have to nourish myself now while I have the opportunity and am of sound mind. The most efficient way of doing this, to my knowledge, is with a humongous smoothie. The bigger the smoothie, the more spinach you can hide in it. And that is how you kick off this kind of weekend.

Spinach in smoothies is not news. Your doctors, nutritionists and fitness magazines have been suggesting blending the veg in your smoothies for a long time, and if you're a normal red-blooded human being, you've been ignoring this advice, because spinach in a smoothie sounds gross. Again, the point of this smoothie is not the spinach. The spinach is simply along for the ride.

By the properties of the color wheel...nope, that's all I've got on that. Logically, darker fruits like blackberries and blueberries will hide green the best. All fruits will mask the vegetal flavor, though, bananas especially. Just like a lot of spinach wilts down into a little, a couple of handfuls — also known as one daily recommended serving — blends down to almost nothing, so feel free to use a heavy hand.

Once it's blended and you've tasted it and realized there is absolutely zero spinach flavor whatsoever no matter what shade of brown it's turned your strawberries and mangoes, you should be a convert for life. You'll be stopping smoothie drinkers on the street, evangelizing.

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