8 Favorite Instagram Photos This Week

We experienced lot of decidedly manly things this week on Instagram. We found growlers of artisan maple syrup at the Capsule trade show, had the best seats at the Mets game, interviewed an actual German wine queen and decided precisely what percentage of sausage we really are. Our Instagram friends had fun too, clearly, as deducted by the punkin-chunkin' Indians, pizza tattoo and never-gratuitous pool shot.

Here are our 8 favorite Instagram photos of the week. Isn't summer the greatest? Don't forget to follow us!

Badass big bottles of maple syrup by Best Made @capsuleshow #capsuleshow

So, the party went wild #bottle of Jack Daniel's #Whiskey in the #pool . No filter used @notanotherbarbie

Branzino and baseball at Citifield. Thanks for the view, Drew Nieporent.

Pumpkin market Madurai, India @foodyfile

Art in the borrowed #frtestkitchen in Brooklyn.

Holy Grail @pappa

Lunch with Annika, the German wine queen. She is the best. #31days

Yup! #pizza #tattoo @sillysilje