Top 10 Notes I Got In My Lunchbox

I'm in the Test Kitchen today whipping up awesome stuff for Food Republic, which I only do because of my wildly talented mom, a chef. Momma-K was a master of the school lunch, knowing full well how gross and not-nutritious the food would be if she'd just given me a buck fifty and taken the morning off. She always included a note, which was more elaborate than "You're a superstar!" With, like, a star sticker. Lame. She was way more creative than that. Here are her top 10, as recounted to the best of my memory.

1. Hi sweetie, the Camembert should be soft by 11:30. Bon digestif!

2. Welcome to watercress! I included a paper doily for you to eat your sandwich off in case the idea of buttered grass wasn't pretentious enough. Enjoy the iced English breakfast tea!

3. (a Post-it on the pack of baby carrots) Hidden carrot camera says: Eat all of these, mommy's watching...

4. Roses are red, violets are blue, soup in a thermos stays hot just for you! I know you don't like the letter P, but you won't even notice them mixed up with all the other alphabet macaronis. Let's talk about this when you get home.

5. (the day my note got switched with my brother's) Have an excellent day, my boobaley boo!*

6. Taped to a single piece of Hanukah gelt: "only 187 days until Hanukah!"

7. Happy three extra pickles day! (this was an awesome day)

8. Dad the Guest Editor Day: Hey girl, Mom asked me to write this note for your lunchbox before I went to work. Love, Dad.

9. A beribboned, gift-wrapped pack of baby carrots with a smiley face drawn on top, with an arrow pointing to the smiley face and an encouraging bubble drawn around the whole thing.

10. Why don't you telepathically tell me what you want for a snack on the way to piano so we don't have a huge fight about McDonald's like last week? Love you!

*I beat him up after school that day

Did your momma leave you notes in your lunch? Share in the comments!

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