Our 8 Favorite Instagram Photos This Week

Rather than display all the awesome food Jess ate over the past week in Singapore, we'll just direct you to hashtag #FRSingapore and let you have at it. Speaking of amazing seafood, however, there is a TON of great fish on Instagram this week. We rounded up all the best ocean meat we ate and found some flippin' awesome shots of the fish our Instagram friends are reeling in as well.

And for a nightcap, a watermelon margarita. Don't forget to follow us!

Taro Sushi. Brooklyn's finest. @foodrepublic

#sashimi #food oh man. @ting1329

Scallop roe croquette, gone black. Elements in Princeton. @foodrepublic

Oh that #fish! #food #foodporn #dinnerrrrr @5661

summer #iphone #oysters @andyreaser

Scallops. @sb2louse

Simple late #lunch @nbucket

Sometimes you just need a watermelon margarita, Talde. @foodrepublic