Our 10 Most Popular Stories This Week

Summer food is in full swing! LA's Koreatown is the mecca of barbecued meats, unless of course you're in Austin, in which case don't miss Torchy's Tacos. Eating light? So is NY Jets coach Rex Ryan. Grasshoppers have a surprising amount of protein, and if you're going veggie Dan Kluger has just the summer corn recipe for you (hope you like cheese). Core and slice a pineapple in no time flat for a pitcher of refreshing cocktails and slide it on down the bar to that farmer. He's had a rough one. Here are our top 10 stories of the week.

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7. Tested: OXO Ratcheting Pineapple Slicer

8. It's Not A Good Week To Be A Farmer

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10. Rex Ryan Now Eats 97 Percent Fewer Tacos