In Support: Sandwiches On Rosemary Olive Bread

I'm back from Singapore and on a strict liquid diet until the end of this sentence. Okay, cool. While I may not have entirely regained my usual appetite after a straight week of the best food Singapore has to offer (bookended by 2 somewhat turbulent 22-hour flights) that's prime real estate for comfort food. Rather than pack too much flavor into a sandwich — a very real problem plaguing this nation's sandwiches — I like to start from the outside and work my way in. Rosemary olive bread is a beautiful way to accomplish this feat of simplicity.

My favorite way to enjoy this dense, chewy, perfectly salty and tangy loaf is thick-cut, barely toasted and generously schmeared with whipped cream cheese and topped with sliced super-ripe tomatoes. But there are plenty of more composed sandwiches I'm sure would much rather arrive between two slices of this than say, boring squishy potato bread, a boring kaiser roll or even boring (but awesome) rye bread. This is definitely the time to indulge in a heavier breed of sandwiches — the olives' tanginess and rosemary's astringency complement richness very nicely. Here are a few suggestions:

So try this sturdy, flavorful bread for lunch today. If you don't like olives, this is the perfect way to get your 10 tries in.

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