Photos From The Oxford Symposium On Food And Cookery

1- Mad Hatter Tea Party Biscuits

For a detailed report from the Oxford Symposium, click here.

2. The Mad Hatter

3- Chef David Thompson Of Nahm

4- Le Café Anglais Rowley Leigh's Friday night Wrapped & Stuffed Dinner

5- Rowley Leigh's Scottish Langoustine & Haddock in Filo Pastry

6- Rowley Leigh's Saddle of Lamb Wellington

7- Rowley Leigh's Summer Pudding

8- Rowley Leigh's Summer Pudding

9- Cookbook Author Anissa Helou

10- Saturday Sausage Fest

11- Thuringer Senf aus Kleinhettstedt Mustard at the Sausage Fest

12- Thuringer Bratwurst (Roasted Bratwurst)

13- A Mummy Preparing the Mummia (Mummy Powder)

14- Anissa Helou Sampling Bog Butter from Mark Emil Hermansen of Noma's Nordic Food Lab

15- Bog Butter in a Birch Bark Container

16- Turkish Vegetable Seeder Giveaways

17- A Turkish Feast Hosted by Anissa Helou & Aylin Oney Tan

18- Turkish Dried & Stuffed Vegetables

19- Turkish Sweets

20- Symposium Breakfast

21- Iberico

22- A Sandwich Extravaganza

23- A Sandwich Feast

24- Beer Brewed Especially for the Occasion

25- Cutting Into the Pudding

26- Artisan European Sausage Tasting