Are You Ready For Noisy Jelly?

We've seen jelly employed as a design material before (like these lamps), but this new iteration as a noise-inducing "medium" of sorts is pretty astounding.

Currently in prototype form, Noisy Jelly is the work of designers Raphaƫl Pluvinage and Marianne Cauvard. They produced it during a semester course at Paris' industrial design school, L'Ensci Les Ateliers.

Here's how this oddball chemistry lab works: users create their own jelly with water and the provided agar agar powder, which they can color and pour into various molds. Once set, the jelly shapes go on a sensory board, whereby touching them, different sounds are created according to the variations in their shapes, their salt concentrations, as well as the strength and distance of the users' touch.

We're sure Wylie Dufresne and Ferran AdriĆ” could make some intriguing dishes should noisy jelly ever become available to chefs.

This is something best seen in action. Check out the video and images below.