Video: Texas, Carolina And Florida Barbecue Explained In Under 1 Minute

As you may have noticed, we are very committed to understanding regional barbecue styles around the United States. Also, eating it as much as we can! In fact, our man in Nashville Chris Chamberlain is traveling the country all year to bring you a Year In Barbecue. (Just yesterday he dropped his guide to Texas brisket.) But what if we told you that barbecue, in all it's vinegar sauce and smoldering post oak glory, could be explained in under a minute?

Enter the Southern Foodways Alliance, an institution based in Oxford, Mississippi that strives to educate the world about Southern food and history. They've created this video as a preview for their annual symposium (October 19-21, 2012). This year's theme is barbecue. Or, Barbecue: An Exploration of Pitmasters, Places, Smoke, and Sauce. So hungry now.