Anthony Bourdain Has Something To Say About Our 12 Sushi Commandments

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Yesterday we dropped our 12 Sushi Commandments to live by. Well, 12 Commandments to enjoy eating sushi by. Here are some examples:

6. Avoid the Insane Green Racoon Roll

You're not going to find any top quality sushi restaurants serving "Spicy Mexican" or "Crazy Dragon" rolls. That goes for any rolls named after American states, too. Not sure if an ingredient is unorthodox? It probably is.

11. Thou Shalt Not Covet Wasabi.

Contrary to popular belief, it is not recommended to add wasabi to your dish of soy sauce. If you require a little extra kick to your sushi, administer the wasabi directly onto your cut of fish (there will likely already be a thin coating), rather than mixing more flavors.

We think we got a bunch of you to think about sushi in a different way. Which we guess is sort of the point, no? Anthony Bourdain also phoned in on Twitter. Twitter is the new radio phone-in. He's a man who knows his sushi. He hangs out at Tsukiji Market on the regular and published a badass graphic novel about a renegade sushi chef that you all should buy (plug!).