And We're Off To Singapore!

Tomorrow I'm heading to Singapore to see the sights, eat the chicken rice, learn to cook the chili crab, check out the Singapore Food Festival and hopefully suck the food coloring–stained marrow out of lamb bones with a plastic drinking straw, à la Bourdain. Maybe I should bring a tackle box of meds with me like he does.

I'd like to bring home a wok big enough to curl up in and re-re-read my Makan Sutra, and a string of chilis long enough to hang around the entire office, so nobody has to say "dammit, who finished the hot sauce" ever again. But knowing me, I'll probably end up with a suitcase full of hairline-cracked jars of fermenting fish parts, half a dried snake and fewer clothes than I came with.

What am I looking forward to most? Chicken rice, hanging with Singapore street food guru KF Seetoh and whatever "lunch with the orangutans" entails, as I peruse my Singapore Tourism Board–endorsed itinerary. But also, Instagram. Follow my adventures for the next 10 or so days with hashtag #FRSingapore, and check out what's happening in Singapore on Instagram as we speak. Breakfast at Ya Kun Kaya Toast is apparently huge and while there's no shortage of noodles in hundreds of forms, there's also poached eggs and hollandaise on waffles. Much more on this wild modern Singaporean cuisine to come...

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