Our 10 Most Popular Stories This Week

A great week with hot dog porn, MAD Foodcamping and Angelo Sosa teaching us things.

You say "awkward holiday week," we say "yeah, for eating!" Distracted as we were by all the meat we were encouraged, nay, morally obligated to grill and stuff in our faces, plenty of good stories were coming our way. And just because July 4th has passed does not mean this content has reached its expiration date. Besides, those are just suggested guidelines anyway. We're starting to think this carton of eggs will never go bad.

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2. 10 Great Things We Ate During An Insane Weekend In New Orleans

3. Video: Nashville Band Turbo Fruits On How To Rock A Crawfish Boil

4. 25 Beers to Drink On The 4th Of July

5. Poll: How Do You Eat At A Baseball Stadium?

6. 13 Photos From The MAD Symposium 2012

7. How To Go Rogue With Your SodaStream And Not Lose An Eye

8. WTF Alert: The Alpaca-Spiked Mo-Chica Burger

9. How to Make Angelo Sosa's Chicken Liver Mousse

10. 5 Serious Cool Restaurants, And A Bar, In Perth