Top 10 Bob's Burgers Specials We'd Like To See, By Bob's Burgers Writers!

As Comedy Week winds down, Food Republic is pleased to present a listicle from the twisted minds behind the burger puns at Bob's Burgers.

Ever since "The Child Molester—comes with candy!" in the pilot episode of Bob's Burgers (which airs Sunday nights on Fox), we have made a misguided commitment to cramming new punny burger specials into every single episode. Sometimes the burgers end up sounding funnier than they are delicious. (e.g. "The Fig-eta 'Bout it Burger" would probably be pretty gross in real life, but mamma-mia is it fun to say). But every once in a while, we pitch a burger special that sounds so delicious, we actually want to eat the cartoon itself. So here are the Top 10 burger specials from Bob's Burgers that we would actually like to eat in real life:

10. Chorizo Your Own Adventure Burger

9. Chard to a Crisp Burger

8. Hit Me With Your Best Shallot Burger

7. Camembert-ly Legal Burger

6. Thank God it's Fried Egg Burger

5. The Roquefort Files Burger

4. Poutine on the Ritz Burger

3. Shake Your Honeymaker Burger

2. I've Created a Muenster Burger

1. Poblano Picasso Burger