3 New Concepts In Wine Label Design

Wine bottle labels occasionally get interesting, but many of the designs feature a vineyard, a wine glass and of course grapes. Since most winemakers have their hands full with the actual production process, it's fair to say that some of the best label and packaging concepts have come from branding and design firms that make this kind of work their bread and butter. (Or bread and cheese, if they're into pairings.)

Capitalizing on the basic design tenet that less is more, below are three new label concepts that don't tell you as much about the wine as they do about the attitude and spirit behind them — perhaps offering just enough intrique to make you want a taste of what's inside.

Carre Rouge & Blanc wines, designed by Russian agency DesignDepot, don't give drinkers much to go by—all the more reason to uncork and have a taste..

Another exercise in simplicity, this time with a font-driven design—the word "blanc" looks as though it's disappearing into itself. By Estudio David Cercos.

For the Belgian grocery chain Delhaize's expansive line of wines from around the globe, the Spanish design group Lavernia & Cienfuegos created a quirky set of cork characters to represent their countries of origin.