Stand Aside, Tuna. There Are Other Melts.

There are few things more beautiful in this life than my favorite melt: tuna salad with just a smidge of mayo on an English muffin with melted muenster. But there are other melts in this world. Maybe melts that haven't even been invented yet. Let's explore some possibilities.

I maintain, as I have since day one of What To Eat For Lunch, that brie naysayers just need to heat things up. Melting it mellows the funk, not that funk should ever be mellowed. Brie melts so fast, evenly and beautifully that I move for replacing American as America's melting cheese of choice. It wasn't engineered to melt that way, it just does it naturally, like it was made to accompany the ham on your slice of bread headed to the broiler.

Blue is another cheese worth melting, preferably on roast beef. Unlike brie, however, melting blue cheese actually amplifies its funkiness, which is something that should always happen to funkiness. This melt is reminiscent of a blue cheese burger without the hassle of baking homemade burger buns, which we're sure you do.

And if you're simply not down with the funk, I've discovered that feta melts really nicely. While it won't form the uniform, gooey blanket that sliced cheese is famous for, it maintains its tangy flavor and adds a pleasant richness to any sandwich. It's really awesome melted on tuna, which I realize I'm supposed to be deviating from seeing as this post is about alternative melts, but I just can't help the fact that tuna and feta go really well together.

I just realized why I'm fixated on melted cheese. The absolute best thing to melt cheese upon, above all cold cuts and canned fish, is a hangover.