Wrongmen Noodles: 5 Flavors Of Instant Lunch That Exist

If beef-flavored Top Ramen tastes like beef and chicken tastes like chicken, what does Oriental flavor taste like? That and other mysteries keep me awake at night. Thankfully, I've stumbled upon vastly more pressing flavors to analyze. Most of them are from abroad, as can be expected — Americans tend to be creatures of habit when it comes to old standbys like instant noodles and soda, another foodstuff that gets weirder the further away you go. So my recommendation is to hit the biggest Asian supermarket you can find as hard as you can, retrieve one of these crazy, spicy and/or Hispanic variations on a form of basis sustenance and boil some water, stat.

Cup Noodles Cheese Curry

Pictured above, this factory-sealed mystery cup contains two things I've actually never put together. Probably because they don't go. Very intriguing.

Maruchan Yakisoba Beef Taco

I was just thinking, Mexican or Japanese for lunch? Thanks, Maruchan!

Cup Noodles Bacon Potato

What could possibly be wrong with bacon and potatoes in any format? Well, if you have to dessicate and rehydrate either you're probably not going to get what you were aiming for, bacon or potato-wise. Silver lining: it comes with a plastic packet of Japanese mayo, which you can use for other, more useful purposes.

Top Ramen Curry Smoodles

Nope, not a typo. One of India's favorite flavors of Top Ramen. Why smoodles? Hey, why curry?

Knorr Pizza Noodles

I imagine these taste like liquefied frozen pizza, the cheap kind.

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