8 Great Instagram Photos This Week

This week's Instagram roundup was particularly hard to select with Contributing Editor Matt Rodbard tearing up Aspen at the Food & Wine Classic and checking out the best eats in Denver, but as always, we managed. Cool and creamy desserts for the "situation" outside and, of course tacos, the most innately Instagrammable of foods, also make guest appearances. This could easily be the 8-course meal of our lives.

Check out favorites from Instagrammers we're following, too. Apparently we're not the only ones taking crazy awesome shots. Enjoy our 8 favorite Instagram photos of the past week. Don't forget to follow us!

Redwood Kitchenette & Bar @janiceyi

Pork cheek, eggplant, fried quail egg at Row 14

Boudino: chocolate créme layered with Carmel @mrfoodporn

Even the plastic food in Koreatown looks good

Rockaway Taco Solo Cholo @damonwise1

Linger in Denver is so badass right now.

The INCREDIBLE Huevos Diablos at @elcamioncantina :) @noahfecks

Spanish ham, fully loaded #fwclassic