Video: Fix Food — Meat Without Drugs

Who would have thought it? Antibiotics, our miracle cure for everything from pneumonia to salmonella are turning against us, creating bugs even top scientists are having trouble squashing. It's not hard to present the facts when they come straight from Robert Kenner, renowned documentary filmmaker, food activist and writer/director of the Oscar-nominated Food, Inc. See our interview with Kenner here.

Kenner created his newest short video for Meat Without Drugs, a campaign in partnership with and Consumers Union, the advocacy arm of Consumer Reports. In his signature "anti-in-your-face" informative style (with killer graphics rather than CAFO money shots, and music that does not foreshadow the end of the world), Kenner simply asks that if you do buy meat at a supermarket, make sure it's free of antibiotics. It's just another way to vote with your wallet, folks. Check out the video below and tell us if you're buying supermarket pork tonight. And is that Bill Paxton narrating? It is.