New Best National Dish, Ever: The Chivito

I discovered a new sandwich at the Uruguyan grocery in the sketchy neighborhood I landed in trying to find this party last night. When Google maps fails you in that manner, you have nothing to do but gather your wits and replenish your strength with a chivito. Don't worry, it's not an actual goat.

Chivitos are actually the national dish and culinary pride of Uruguay. I can't think of another national dish that's a sandwich. But that is definitely how you keep it real. This torta-like creation, called a lomito in neighboring Argentina, is eaten for breakfast, lunch or dinner and could not possibly be better padding for pre– or post-drinking. Here's how it's done:

Big fluffy bun, thinly pounded slice of beef filet, bacon, fried egg, fried ham, lettuce, tomato, onion, olives, mozzarella, fries and TONS of mayonnaise so that it squeezes out of the ends. Is there anything else you'd like in your sandwich? That's too bad, because A. this sandwich is complete in every sense of the word and B. nothing else will fit. Why chivito, Spanish for "little goat?" The sandwich was named at a restaurant where a patron had ordered goat meat, and due to a power outage, received this sandwich instead. Legend has it, she was happy. And so was I.

Oh and I just ended up asking the guy at the register where... whatever the name of that crazy street was. And I was right about the drinking padding.

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