Watch Ranch Dressing And Ketchup Duke It Out

Awh, I feel like I gave away who wins.

Hidden Valley's recent campaign to win America's favor as the best condiment around reinforces one indisputable fact: there is nothing like watching two dudes in foam costumes beat on each other from New York to California. It doesn't even have to make sense, I'd happily plant down and watch a panda beat up a carton of orange juice (or vice versa) indefinitely.

In case you had any doubts about Hidden Valley's true intentions, observe the video below:

All while passersby record the debacle on their phones. Really? Will nobody help poor ketchup, who has been there for them through more orders of fries than they're probably willing to admit? Who has graced their burgers, gilded their meatloaf and was maybe even single-handedly responsible for the fact that their kids ate at all? Down, Fido?

Nope. Your ketchup aisle just got uncharacteristically aggressive.

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