Per Facebook, Bourdain is feeling the new Japandroids album. JUST LIKE US.

Big week for Anthony Bourdain. On Saturday he played a live show in Brooklyn, where he lectured about chicken balls, hypocrite celeb chefs (guess who?) and his big move to CNN.

Yesterday, he was hanging out in an airport bar, waiting for a flight to Europe to film episodes of The Layover in Paris and Dublin. Tony, may we suggest Frenchie in the 2nd? Now word comes that Bourdain has joined Facebook. Check it out. It’s really him.

As we all know, Bourdain has run his own Twitter account for the past couple years. It’s best when he live-tweets during episodes of No Reservations. Even better when he chokes on his Cheerios. But Facebook is major, if not only for photo of him endorsing the new Japandroids album, which is truly the best album of the summer. Bourdain, you!