Our 12 Most Popular Stories This Week

We learned a lot this week. Salt is awesome, for one, and eel can be vegan if you slice your tofu the right way. David Myers took over our Instagram (which you should definitely follow) and volcanic wines blew us right out of the vineyard. Plus if you were ever going to compare Adam Richman and Tony Bourdain, now's the time. Check out our top 12 stories of the week.

  1. Is Salt Unhealthy?
  2. David Myers Took Over Our Instagram Account
  3. 10 Examples of Melty, Oozy Grilled Cheese Porn
  4. Sweet and Savory Tofu Eel Recipe
  5. 5 No-Frills Aprons For Grilling
  6. Is Skyr The New Greek Yogurt?
  7. Video: A Saucepan That Stirs Its Own Contents
  8. Our 5 Favorite Music Blogs With Food Names
  9. How to Tailgate Like A Pro At The Belmont Stakes, And Beyond
  10. Blowing Up Right Now: Volcanic Wines
  11. Adam Richman and Anthony Bourdain: They Are Not That Different*
  12. Cooking With Wooly Mammoth Tooth. Seriously.