Are You Eating The Wrong Kind Of Greek Yogurt?

According to a Gawker report yesterday, most people are eating the wrong kind of Greek yogurt. That's right, there's a "correct" brand, and then there are all the others. Chobani lover? Oikos "purist?" Stop, stop, you're doing it wrong.

With all due respect to skyr, the Icelandic nutritional powerhouse that just one-upped Greek yogurt in the protein and fat-free departments, we're super into the good stuff here at Food Republic. Matt eats it every morning without fail, and it's practically replaced mayonnaise in a lot of my sandwich adventures. We make our béchamel sauce with it and enlisted the help of a largely unaccredited food scientist to explain what makes it so deliciously tangy. Mystery solved. It might even save the Greek economy — it's one of the fastest-growing food sectors around. Most importantly, cats just love it. But why is Fage the best?

It just is. If you've done a side-by-side comparison, you shouldn't need chemical breakdowns, marketing ploys or numbers of any kind (but just for the record, Chobani currently holds about half the market). Fage — everyone together now: FAH-yeh — is far thicker and tangier than any other brand in the fridge case. It comes in full-fat (eat your heart out, crème fraîche), 2% and fat-free, all of which have distinct variations in flavor. And, quite frankly, we love peeling off the paper thing under the foil and above the yogurt. It's kind of sensual. #yogurtwin