8 Great Instagram Photos This Week

Two themes run rampant in this week's 8 best Instagram shots: Asian food and cute tarts. For serious. Just scroll down and you'll see tarts.

Between David Myers' supremely delicious trip to New York and Zakary Pelaccio's equally delicious trip to Hong Kong, we have no idea where we found room for Back Forty West's chicken and waffles, Austin's Torchy's Tacos (our favorite), steak, sausage and mac 'n cheese. Somehow we manage.

Check out favorites from Instagrammers we're following, too. Apparently we're not the only ones taking crazy awesome shots. Enjoy our 8 great Instagram photos of the past week. Don't forget to follow us!

We practice what we preach #meatlessmonday

Pig out. #foodporn #steak @neverbeenfull

New obsession–Fried Chicken and Waffles at Back Forty West... @adieats

A favorite way to showcase fruit in a form of a #dessert #foodporn – a tart @pichetong

Dirty Sanchez breakfast taco @TorchyTaco yup that's a fried poblano pepper in there@chekmarkeats

Crappy weather? Who cares #davidmyerstakeover

Si jie chili fest #zakarypelacciotakeover

Caramel popcorn and chocolate tart, awesome breakfast! #davidmyerstakeover