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Yesterday, our cocktail columnist Simon Ford dropped his list of the 7 Most Influential cocktail of all time. It was an assignment that Ford did not take lightly. As a veteran bar owner, mixologist and current Pernod Ricard USA Global Spirits and Cocktail Brand Expert, he drew from 20 years of experience to formulate the list. We had drafts, and second drafts. Drinks were added, then dropped. But, finally, the list was released to the public.

Some agreed:
“Little sad the Gimlet didn’t make it, but the list is great! 7 Most Influential Cocktails Of All Time…” — Emily Goldman (‏@emrgoldman)

Some questioned:
“And no tequila represented. no manhattan? RT @SandwichJack: @ruhlman @foodrepublic SAZERAC…” — Michael Ruhlman@ruhlman

And some people Kanye-d:

Submitted by Food Republic reader Josh Miller