Last week we wrote about the world’s first automated espresso machine, designed to take your coffee order via text message. Continuing the growing trend of “self-active” cooking tools, here’s a look at an astounding new saucepan that actually stirs its contents as they heat — no automation or batteries required.

The Kuru-Kuru Nabe pot, created in Japan by Hideki Watanabe, is a perfect example of brilliant new inventions continually being conceived through simple design.

The saucepan features a grooved, spiral-like interior that results in a more efficient dispersal of heat. Liquids boil faster and more evenly, and here’s the most brilliant part: the grooves actually create a vortex as the contents boil, causing them to spin in a stirring-like motion. 


The Kuru-Kuru is currently being produced for commercial sale. Until you can get your hands on one, watch it in action here: