Le Creuset Cookware Set, Available Now In A Shade Of Cochon

We're gearing up to report live from the Cochon 555 finals, Grand Cochon, next week in Aspen at the Food & Wine Classic. But Le Creuset, famed purveyor of brightly colored, virtually indestructable enameled cast-iron cookware, is so pumped that they've released a special Cochon set. And this year's winning chefs will be taking them home.

The 8-piece collection pictured above comes in Cherry (or Fried Ear, if you wish) and includes a pâté terrine, sizeable 5-quart braiser, smaller 2-quart round French oven, 4 cast-iron mini cocottes and a huge goose pot — which we're sure other birds would be only too happy to roast inside. Best of all, the Cochon 555 logo is engraved on every knob.

While you're saving your pennies for this enviable selection of premium cookware and waiting for the kickoff of Grand Cochon, check out our previous porcine coverage from around the country, as well as our coverage of 2011's Grand Cochon.