Some nights out in New York remind you why you moved here in the first place, and when you get invited to a decadent night of clandestine eating at the fictional McKittrick Hotel, home of Sleep No More, featuring unlimited booze, unlimited porchetta and more than a little nudity, you realize that’s one of them. Last night, the new supper club company Underground Eats threw just such a bash, christened Absurdity, and catered by Marc Murphy‘s Benchmarc.

Favorite tidbits from the night: the Russian lady in charge of checking in general admission guests thought it was an “Underground Cats” party. There were snacks hidden in cubbies in the walls. The “1920’s interpretative dance” in the hotel lobby with music from Drew Nugent and the Midnight Society. The naughty cardinal admonishing the crowd for the excesses of the evening. And the “Hangover Tonic” provided in the goodie bag made a delicious Red Snapper when we got home. Oh yeah, and the fact that more gentlemen in New York own tuxedos than we previously realized! Click through for photos from Gabi Porter.