Too Soon Cuisine: Do Or Dine's Miami Open-Face Sandwich

Since we stumbled across Justin Warner's haute-stoner restaurant Do Or Dine in Brooklyn's Bedford-Stuyvesant neighborhood we've been making regular trips to sample his wonderfully cracked-out creations. Warner once served a cold-smoked corn soup where he took honeydew, chipotle and roasted corn puree and injected the smoke from finely ground wood chips using this bad boy. "Crunch" and "Munch" were added, with remarkable results.

Last night the chefs at DOD (Warner is currently appearing on Food Network Star Season 8 and was not involved) debuted yet another left-field dish, to the delight of, well, the sick bastard in all of us. Per the DOD Facebook page, and later reported by Gothamist, the special of the day was a "Miami Open-Face Meat Sandwich With Smoked Bath Salts." Or, a Cuban sandwich on a single piece of bread with salt on the side. It's a reference to this. And that's all we have to say about that.