Our 12 Most Popular Posts This Week

From left: Text-enabled espresso, baguette rules, Kobe Desramaults of In De Wulf, ceviche also rules.

As the FR staff returned from the Memorial Day holiday weekend, we heard all about your backyard BBQ conquests. Things seemed to have gone well. Did some of you follow along during our first annual Grilling Month? Also hitting the site this week was a story detailing 10 things you didn't know about American whiskey, and an interview with Belgian superstar chef Kobe Desramaults. If you were curious, Ric Bucher explains why NBA ballers like the Cheesecake Factory so much. Plus, home coffee roasting tips and recipes. Lots of good recipes.

1. Beer Can Chicken Recipe

2. 10 Things You Didn't Know About American Whiskey

3. Illustrated Gallery: Grilling Around The World

4. NYC: The Almighty Brisket Sandwich

5. Kobe Desramaults Takes Us For A Belgian Spin

6. Home Coffee Roastings: Stovetop Skillet vs. Oven

7. Have A Baguette Sandwich For Lunch Today

8. Ceviche De Los Andes Recipe

9. The World's First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine

10. Ric Bucher On Why NBA Ballers Like The Cheesecake Factory

11. Why Does Every Chef Big Up Pappy Van Winkle

12. Los Angeles: Jason Neroni Settles Down With Something Superba