Is Laser-Cut Nori Changing The Design Of Food?

Ad agency I&S BBDO created the nori for Umino Seaweed Shop.

Laser-cut nori is available in five repeating patterns.

Most sushi lovers would agree that the cuisine is inherently beautiful as it is, especially the rolls, once cut to reveal a tableau-like cross-section of their various ingredients. But in part due to a recent decline in nori sales in Japan, an ad agency conjured up a new spin on the classic seaweed sheet.

The result: laser-cut nori, available in five repeating patterns: cherry blossoms, water drops, hemp, tortoise and turtle shell, created specifically for Umino Seaweed Shop.

While the sheets, created by the firm I&S BBDO, are currently only available in Japan at Umino's retail location, their concept begs the question: is it merely a matter of time before we start seeing herringbone-patterned flatbreads and pinstriped tortillas — or even ads adorning our copious wrapped foods?