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Prime Meats in Brooklyn’s Carroll Gardens neighborhood has positioned itself as not just a seller of fine dry-aged steaks and stellar bourbon-based cocktails, but a place where diners can order a bit of nostalgia as well. The design tips to Old New York with aged wooded booths and antique lighting fixtures.

With that in mind the owners, Frank Castronovo and Frank Falcinelli, will be serving a Titanic Dinner on June 5, paying homage to “The King of Chefs, and the Chef of Kings” Auguste Escoffier.

Below is the menu the Franks just released. For reservations, and you better believe this will book fast, you can visit the restaurant’s website. Roaring ’20s attire is requested. Fun!

Potage aux Fèves Faîches
Puree of fava beans garnished with crispy pork belly

Homard Paillard
Roasted lobster, crème fraîche, cayenne and lemon

Tête de Veau à la Tortue
Braised calf’s head, cockscombs “turtle style” marjoram, and rosemary

Ris de Veau à la Nantua
Sweetbreads with crayfish, made with crayfish butter and black truffle

Pike Pyramide
Roasted Pike, seafood farci

Poularde Mère Léon
Roast Chicken, served with a morel béchamel, fresh spring peas

Filet de Boeuf Paul Mercier
Above served with turned vegetables glazed in chicken stock and butter

Salad Délice
String beans, raw julienne mushrooms, truffle, frisèe and minced shallots, chopped chervil and concasse of tomato

Les Fromages de Saint-Marcellin

Chocolate truffle