The World's First Text-Enabled Espresso Machine

Combining remote technology with caffeine dispensation, Zipwhip's Textpresso machine is one of the most genius coffeemaking inventions since the dawn of the automatic timer setting.

Simply put: you send a text your coffee order to the Textpresso, a Jura Impressa Xs90 espresso machine that's been pimped out with SMS and printing capabilities, which then makes your cup of joe and keeps it warm for you on a hot plate. Even better, the machine sketches the last three digits of your phone number into the coffee's foam so you can easily identify it.

The highly mechanized, less hands-on aspects of the Textpresso might make more than a few baristas furious over the thought of being replaced by an automated machine, but they can relax. The device was created by the cloud texting service Zipwhip to showcase its technology at the company's Seattle-based headquarters, with no plans to produce the machine commercially.

Watch the video demo here: