8 Great Instagram Photos This Week

Pizza tattoos and horse bologna and fish eggs, oh my! We could have pulled all of this week's photos from Googa Mooga alone, but there was so much else going on. We hit up Colicchio & Sons, learned about Neapolitan pizza from a young red-headed master sporting some pretty insane ink. Check out photos from some of our favorite Instagrammers, too. Apparently we're not the only ones taking crazy awesome shots.

Behold, our 8 favorite Instagram photos of the past week. Don't forget to follow us!

Pea panna cotta, salmon roe at Colicchio & Sons

Jicama wrapped guacamole, The Bazaar by Jose Andres @neverbeenfull

Horse bologna with foie. Salty. #googamooga

Friday noon, Schnitzel, Onion Rings, Giant Fries, Spicy Ketchup, Cola. BANG @orenluxy

our June issue is out...full of tacos and in-house silkscreening @white_lightning

On a dog tearrrrrrr. DBGB. #googamooga

An appropriate brunch at Broken English, Cobble Hill BK.

True pizzaiolo ink, executive chef Jarret Appel at Donatella