Illustrated Guide To Grilling: China

As part of Grilling Month on Food Republic, we asked our go-to illustrator David Navas and his wife, writer Judy Cantor-Navas, to take us on a world tour of grilling. While we Americans like to think that we have a trademark on barbecue culture, throwing meat on a grill over fire is a global phenomenon. Still, that's no reason for you to have to look at more boring photographs of steaks and flames. Instead, let's take a more artful look at how different people interact with their grilled meats.


Also Known As: Char Siu

What's Grilled: Pork butt

Setup: Highly addictive "fork-roasted" pork in a food coloring-enhanced red hoisin sauce is perhaps best enjoyed in context — at a restaurant or taken out from a Chinese butcher shop. Adventurous cooks can make their own in the oven. There are recipes on the web abound. Here's Momofuko's.

Sauce: The base includes hoisin sauce, honey, five-spice powder and soy sauce.

Sides: Served over rice, optionally topped with a runny fried egg.

Drink: Tsing Tao.

Grill-side style: Dark colors. Char siu sauce does not take kindly to whites.

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