How To Get The Most Out Of Daytime Drinking

Bring out the blender!

1 part Mount Gay Golden Rum

1 part Crème of Coconut (Coco Lopez)

Pineapple juice (or throw some fresh pineapple into your blender instead if you can — it will taste a lot better)

Crushed Ice


Do as the English do

6 ounces Pimm's #1

12 ounces ginger ale

Slices of cucumber, strawberries and fresh mint.

Slices of lemons, oranges and apples. Don't worry of you don't have all of the fruit. The idea is like sangria, get as much in there and the drink will take on the flavor of the fruit.


Cider Cup Recipe

1 part Fine Calvados

1 part Martell VSOP

1 part Orange Curacao

1 part fresh lemon juice

Dash of simple syrup

4 parts apple cider

2 parts chilled seltzer water


Get in on Brazil’s national drinkGin and Tonics