How To Eat Gluten-Free Lunches For A Month, Without Really Trying

I briefly mentioned yesterday in my call to celebrate International Pickle Week that it's also Celiac Awareness Month. Cue bummer music, I know. But this gluten-free trend doesn't seem to be going the way of Atkins. And when I actually think about it, I subconsciously eat gluten-free a lot of the time just because I read too much about food, and quite frankly, wheat is starting to freak me out a little.

With this slight paranoia out in the open, I discovered a wealth of gluten-free lunch options when I went through previous What To Eat For Lunch posts. Surely, something in this cornucopia of alternative starches will appeal. As for a nice mid-afternoon beer to wash it down with...well, they're definitely still working on that. In my lifetime, for sure.





Other stuff

Of course, if you actually suffer from full-on Celiac, don't mess with iffy dishes like Singapore chow mei fun because there's usually at least a splash of soy sauce (50% wheat) in there. Ditto poutine, gravy has a little flour. But look at that list, after reading it I'm starving. All gluten-free. Maybe it's not so crazy after all. Nah, it's crazy.